​During the 49ers heyday, tickets to the games were hard to come by.  In the 80's and 90's you had to get on a waiting list for Season tickets to the 49er games.  As time would tell, the glory days dwindled at Candlestick Park in the early 2000's.

Around the same time, a few fraternity brothers from  San Jose State University, started tailgating at Candlestick during the 2002 season.  A majority of the time, it would just be two to four of us at the game with our one table, 2 chairs, a lil bit of meat, 1 bottle of liquor and our beat up charcoal grill with no legs.    We would do our little tailgate and wonder to ourselves, "Man, wouldn't it be so badass if we could have a tailgate with like 15 people??? It would be crazy."

Club 49 History

​​"It's All About The Tailgate"

Club 49 Tailgate Crew 

Over the years, our group has slowly grown to currently handling tailgates of over 100 people on a regular basis.  There have been some great times, some sour times but through it all, Club 49 has persevered. 

 We have been recognized Twice as the Tailgate of the Year at Candlestick Park (2005, 2007). And we are not limited to just 49er football events.  We have tailgated for San Francisco Giants games, San Jose State Spartan Football games, Training camp, Draft Day BBQ's and a few random holidays.   

We are close nit diversed family that takes care of our 49er family.  The Club 49 Tailgate Crew is now internationally known.  At every tailgate, you can expect to run into people from all over the U.S. and over the world.  Its to the point, where these people who come from far away, make a point to come back again and make sure they tailgate with Club 49 as well as see the 49ers play. 

From Candlestick to Levis Stadium and regardless of the situation and obstacles we might face as a tailgating community, the Club 49 Tailgate Crew will find a way to have a good ol party before the 49ers game.   #kupaa ​​#club49 #49ers


Little did we know at that time in 2002 what was to come.  In 2003, the 49ers finally called our names off the waiting list for season tickets.  We were so pumped up to be season ticket holders.  As for the 49ers, the rough times were just beginning.   To offset the poor performance by our team during the losing seasons, we had make sure we had a good time in the parking lot before heading into the game. 

Around 2004, we started to meet other people in the parking lot and online via the 49ers.com Message board.   And slowly our group started to grow.  It wasn't until 2005 that the name "Club 49" came about.    We officially became "Club 49" on November 6th, 2005 at the 49ers vs. NY Giants game.  At that game we were helping host the 2nd annual 49ers.com Message Board party.We were partying like rockstars that day.  The drinks were flowing, people were dancing on the trucks/coolers and we were singing along to every song.  Felt like a nightclub atmosphere that day.  Our founding members, Dre and Alex were talking about how good the tailgates were going.  and Dre said, "It feels like we are at a Club when we tailgate."  And from that day on, we became known as the Club 49 Tailgate Crew.