Club 49 Tailgate Crew 

  1. ​ Club 49 Tailgate is a private party for our familia and friends. 
  2. Do NOT show up empty handed. Sign up to bring something...and chips do not count. If you are unable to bring food/appetizers and/or we have most items already accounted for, please make a donation to the club to help cover expenses. 
  3. If you are going to drink, drink responsibly. We will take incriminating photos of anyone who gets too drunk (aka "BINOED"). We are all there to have a good time...NO drama please. We refuse to babysit anyone.  Remember, especially if this is your first time at a Club 49 event, we are there to watch a game.  You didn't spend your hard earned money to sleep during the game.  
  4. This is a "Bring-Your-Own-Alcohol/Beer/Beverages" event. Drinking other people's beverages and not putting in on it is inconsiderate. Sharing is caring and please do NOT show up with only a 6 pack or a 40 ounce of beer. Do not bring glass bottles of Beer. 
  5. Offer to help.... don't wait to be asked!   It's  a Tailgate party...not a bar.  Everyone can do something: set-up, take down, cook, serve, clean up trash, keep the cooks supplied with drinks, etc.  (Via Peter Proud)
  6.  "Moochers" are not welcomed.  What is a mooch???  Google it.
  7. We at Club 49 only deal with top shelf alcohol, so please leave the bottles of Smirnoff, cotton candy vodka, Bacardi Rum, Jose Cuervo, E&J at home.   Top shelf only, please.
  8. Our tailgate fosters a Familia atmosphere.  Good vibes only.  This is a Military/Law Enforcement/Kid friendly tailgate party.   


​​"It's All About The Tailgate"